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The Main Cast:
Commander "Buzz" Corry
Kemmer was a fighter pilot during World War II. On his 48th combat mission, he crash landed behind German lines and was a POW until the end of the war.  Kemmer replaced actor Glenn Denning as Commander in Chief, Playing younger brother BUZZ to Denning's KIT CORRY. After SP he appeared in many TV shows throughout the 50's & 60's. He did quite a few "B" films such as Earth VS The Spider and Giant From the Unknown.
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Cadet Happy

Born in Texas in 1926, a former WWII radio-man, Osborn first appeared in SP in 1951, when the series ended he went on to such classics as Invasion of the Saucer Men and The Amazing Colossal Man. Osborn made a few TV appearances until death in 1958 following brain surgery.
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Major Robertson
Mayor had a rather extensive career after SP, playing rolls on such hit shows as, Have Gun Will Travel, The Adventures of Superman, Maverick, Bat Masterson, Lost in Space & Gunsmoke to name a few. And appeared in such films as Spencer's Mountain, Bonnie & Clyde and Little Big Man.
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Carol Carlisle

Hewitt did a few films & TV shows in the 40's & 50's such as, The Flying Saucer, Bowery Battalion. She died in 1986 of cancer.
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Asst. Security Chief Tonga

Tonga started out as a villainess known as The Lady of Diamonds. Tonga converted over to the good side and became active as Asst. Security Chief in the Space Patrol. Bara was released from Space Patrol in 1953. After her dismissal, she sued the production company on JAN 18, 1954, for $75,000 in damages to cover the unauthorized use of any
kinescopes in which she appeared. She settled out of court. 

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Jack Narz' career in television spans nearly 30 years. After the service and a short but productive stint in local radio, Narz often appeared on camera as announcer on Space Patrol.  Narz worked steadily in radio and TV until achieving his biggest success with the syndicated version of "Concentration" in 1973. After "Concentration" left the airwaves in the fall of 1978, Narz semi-retired, but he remains active to this day on the celebrity golf circuit and on behalf of several charities.
For more info on Jack Narz click HERE.
Prince Baccarratti / The Black Falcon

As associate producer, Kovacs created the role of Prince Baccarratti, who soon became the main nemesis to Commander Corry and the Space Patrol.  Donning a black leather jacket rented from Western Costume from the 1939 Columbia serial “Flying G-Men”, Kovacs even adopted as an alias the serial name of “The Black Falcon”. On radio, he played many different characters and often doubled in other roles on the TV series as well. No matter how they disguised him and made him up, his thick accent always made him easy to identify.
For more info on Bela Kovacs click HERE.
Commander Kit Corry

Denning played the original Commander in Chief of SP, before being replaced by Kemmer as Kit's younger brother Buzz.  Denning reportedly fell asleep on the air and often forgot his lines. The chemistry between Lyn Osborn as Happy just wasn't there.  Denning's other work included: Kraft Television Theatre, Strategic Air Command and Battle Cry.
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Cast & Crew Listing:
SP CAST in Cockpit!
Directed by:
Dick Darley (as Dik Darley)
Larry Robertson  (1952-1958)
Writing credits 
Norman Jolley (head writer)

Mike Moser
Cast (in credits order)
Ed Kemmer - Commander Buzz Corry 
Lyn Osborn - Cadet Happy 
Virginia Hewitt - Carol Karlyle 
Nina Bara - Tonga 
Ken Mayer - Major Robbie Robertson 
Norman Jolley - Agent X 
Joel Marston - Cam 
Marvin Miller - Mr. Proteus 
Jack Narz - Announcer 
Bela Kovacs - Prince Baccarratti, Black Falcon 
Dick Tufeld - Announcer, 1951-1958 
Glenn Denning - Commander Kit Corry (1951) (uncredited)

Guest Appearances
Lee Van Cleef in "Derelict Space Station" (ep. #82) 
Lois Hall I. 
Stanford Jolley (no relation to Norman Jolley)
Produced by
Michael Devery - Executive Producer (as Mike Devery)
Bela Kovacs - Associate Producer 
Mike Moser  - Producer
Technical Director 
Irwin Stanton
Lighting Director
Truck Krone
Original music by
Eric Spear (theme music - uncredited)
Art Direction by
Seymour Klate
Carl Macauley
Set Decoration by
Carl Macauley
Production Management
Larry Robertson - Assistant Production Manager
Sound Department 
Charles M. Lewis - Sound
Special Effects by
Al Teany - Special Effects

Production Facilities
KECA-ABC TV Hollywood, CA

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